Mother Earth Hurts.
We are M.E.H.

We are a group of students that realized there was an issue with our collegetown. Athens, the place we call home, is consistently covered in trash and has been called one of the dirtiest places in the state. Our home is being treated more like a dump. We decided something needed to be done.


What we do
Athens & Earth

We are a non-profit organization aiming to clean up Mother Earth and inspire people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We hold events of our own as well as partner with businesses to clean areas that are covered with litter.

Pounds of Trash Picked Up
People Signed the Pledge


Our Blog

This is
our Mission

To trash the “meh” mentality about the state of the environment by inspiring people to take action in their communities and advocating sustainability.

1. Removing Trash

We want to pick up 1,000 pounds of trash in the Athens area by growing our member impact.

2. Grow the Pledge

We want to have to have 100 people sign the pledge/become MEHmbers.

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